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Amazing Tennis Action Shots Of The Beautiful Women Of The Australian Open

It may be winter in other parts of the globe, but down under it’s midsummer and things are heating up in the tennis world. The Australian Open is the first major tennis tournament of 2013 and there are dozens of stunning and talented tennis players aiming to start the year off right. We’ve collected some of the best photos showing Ava Ivanovic, Maria Sharapova, and more of the most popular female tennis players in action.

VIDEO: Wheel of Failure 2

Julian Batts is an honor student at Indiana University and from the looks of it, an extremely lucky guy. He really sucks at Wheel of Fortune though. Watch him go on a roll, only to defeat himself on what should be no-brainer guesses.

VIDEO: Carrell & Colbert Harmonize

In this clip from back in 2008, Steve Carrell and Stephen Colbert took the opportunity to sing a duet of The Star Spangled Banner, improvising the harmonies along the way. We just wanted to yell “Play Ball!” at the end.

Unicorn Photobomb: Just Another Day in Florida

Browse Unicorn Photobomb: Just Another Day in Florida. This may not have been the strangest thing that happened that day in Florida, but watching this news reporter get photobombed by a unicorn will have you in stitches.

VIDEO: Fake Drake

Jimmy Kimmel Live had Drizzy disguised to interview people on the street. Watch as they inexplicably fail to see through the crummy disguise and give their thoughts on fake news that Drake made up about himself.