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VIDEO: Mini Masters Tournament

A silly edit of putting footage from The Masters doctored to make it look like it’s taking place on a miniature golf course. The hole with the gopher is priceless. They really should consider adding obstacles like these on the greens.

The Happiest Museum on Earth

Is your smile museum-worthy? See if you fit in with these photographs from the largest museum of smiling faces in the world: The Museum of Happiness

Stunning Light From Speeding Trains (11 Photos)

Photographer Aaron Durand created these spectacular photos of trains with streaking lights. Taking photographs with a slow shutter-speed, these incredible images show the streaks of light that stream from the lights of trains and their carriages.

The Secret Lair Of Musician Hans Zimmer

A brilliant composer, Hans Zimmer has created a custom lair that is almost as incredible as his work for The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lion King, Gladiator, Sherlock Holmes, and many more. Customized items with a dark and somewhat ominous ambiance. A perfect setting to get the creative juices flowing and produce music that has been inspiring the world for decades.

Space Images With Project Gemini (16 Photos)

Project  Gemini (1962-1966) was the second human spaceflight program of NASA, the site where most of the learning and engineering was perfected before the United States headed to the Moon. The Gemini program is fascinating and is often overlooked by predecessor, Mercury, and Apollo (because, you know, moon.) Here are some beautiful and fascinating photos from Project Gemini featuring many of the men who would one day go to the Moon.