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VIDEO: Drunk Man vs. Fence

YouTuber Roman Prag calls his video The Futility of Existence. At first it seems like the video doesn’t deserve such an elegant title, but by the end you’ll be slow clapping. Don’t fight the fence sir. Just don’t.

14 “How It’s Made” GIFs

Browse 14 “How It’s Made” GIFs. Animated gifs showing how things like pop tarts, ice cream sandwiches, hot dogs and more, are made.

Jimmy Fallon is Vladimire Putin and Sarah Palin (Video)

Check out Jimmy Fallon is Vladimire Putin and Sarah Palin (Video). Jimmy Fallon, well known for his excellent parodies and impressions, takes on Sarah Palin and Vladimir Putin having a phone conversation. (After all, she can probably see him from her house…)

VIDEO: Instrumental Acrobatics

The Salut Salon quartet sets itself apart from other classical musicians with its hybrid and humorous performances of chamber music. Watch as they show off their comical and musical chops in this silly rendition of Vivaldi’s Summer .