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VIDEO: Mini Masters Tournament

A silly edit of putting footage from The Masters doctored to make it look like it’s taking place on a miniature golf course. The hole with the gopher is priceless. They really should consider adding obstacles like these on the greens.

The Happiest Museum on Earth

Is your smile museum-worthy? See if you fit in with these photographs from the largest museum of smiling faces in the world: The Museum of Happiness

Stunning Light From Speeding Trains (11 Photos)

Photographer Aaron Durand created these spectacular photos of trains with streaking lights. Taking photographs with a slow shutter-speed, these incredible images show the streaks of light that stream from the lights of trains and their carriages.

The Secret Lair Of Musician Hans Zimmer

A brilliant composer, Hans Zimmer has created a custom lair that is almost as incredible as his work for The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lion King, Gladiator, Sherlock Holmes, and many more. Customized items with a dark and somewhat ominous ambiance. A perfect setting to get the creative juices flowing and produce music that has been inspiring the world for decades.