15 Reasons You Quit Being Pre-Med

Browse 15 Reasons You Quit Being Pre-Med. Because what the hell were you thinking?

You couldn’t stand the sight of blood.

You weren’t a good enough artist to draw your way through an organic chemistry test.


You didn’t think your lifestyle would ever be healthy enough to set a good example.

Your social life was suffering.


You didn’t think you’d be able to listen to patients’ problems all day.


You couldn’t handle dissecting a fetal pig, let alone a human cadaver.

No one gave you a sufficient explanation as to why a doctor needs to learn physics.

You couldn’t afford the med school application fees, let alone the med school tuition.

You always hit the metal sides when you play Operation.

You didn’t think you could take a sexual history without giggling.

You’re not comfortable with death and dying.

The pressure was getting to you.

You realized you could never wake up early enough to be a doctor.

You looked around your chemistry class and realized you were the only normal person.

You wanted your sanity back.

Sick people gross you out.

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