20 Rules Every 20-somethings Should Know

Rules to live by

Don’t stand over someone’s shoulder while they’re at a computer.

If you’re having a group conversation and someone isn’t clued in to the topic being discussed, fill them in.

There are two types of people in this world: normal nice people who refill the ice cube tray when they use the last cube, and the jerks who don’t.


Person B can accept the offer or choose to split the bill.

If someone you’re with says they’re tired or they have to get to work early in the morning, that’s your cue to leave.



Don’t put up a fight when everyone decides to split the bill at dinner.

Always bring wine to a dinner party.

Hit the ATM before you go out.


Pay people back.


Don’t point out noticeable features that the person you’re talking to might feel self-conscious about, or can’t readily fix.

Never tell someone they look tired.


There is never a need to remark on someone’s weight, even if you consider it to be a compliment.


If someone wants to hang out and you’re busy, don’t just say, “I’m busy.”


Don’t be a flake.


If someone’s driving you around, offer to pay for gas and tolls.


When it comes to food that isn’t yours, never open or finish a package unless you have special permission.


If someone hands you their phone to look at a photo, do not — DO NOT — under any circumstance swipe to the right.


Assume all service workers are having a bad day and be nice.

If you don’t like an idea, don’t shoot it down unless you can propose an alternative one.

And finally, the cardinal rule of dating:


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