Don’t You Dare Say These Things To A Bride-To-Be

Check out Don’t You Dare Say These Things To A Bride-To-Be. It’s not up to you to make her a blushing bride.

“You’re eating pizza? Aren’t you afraid you won’t fit into your dress?”

“Considering your, ahem, past, do you think it’s appropriate for you to wear white?”

“Whatever happened to that hottie you dated in college? You were so in love!”

“You know, 50% of marriages fail.”

“You’re not serving dinner at the reception?”


“Did you know these colors would clash when you picked them?”

“The venue you chose is so… unique.”

“This bridesmaid dress isn’t my style, so I picked out a different one in a similar color.”

But whatever makes you happy!”

“No open bar? But weddings are only cool if there’s an open bar!”

“Is it weird to say I think your fiancé is hot?”

“You’re totally going to fix that thing about your hair before the big day, right?”

“So do you want to hang out after the wedding?”

“I always thought I would get married before you.”

“Destination weddings are cool, but a bit of a hassle for guests, don’t you think?”

“Your other bridesmaids are super annoying.”

“I prefer live bands at weddings, but I guess DJs can be cool, too.”

“You booked a trip there for your honeymoon? I heard it’s awful this time of year.”

So if you can’t say something nice, well, you know the rest.

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