Stages Of Being Drunk (20 Stages)

In this post we take a look at Stages Of Being Drunk (20 Stages). Understanding is the first step toward acceptance.

It’s Friday! Party time!


Or off down the pub for a quiet pint.

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When you drink, the alcohol is mostly absorbed through the walls of your small intestine and dispersed around your body by your blood.


Some of the alcohol will reach your brain.

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So you notice less of what is going on around you.


Your thoughts are fine-tuned and clarified, thanks to an increase in the neurotransmitter GABA.


Which is probably what leads to…


As your blood alcohol concentration increases, you might start slurring your words a little and have trouble with balance, coordination, and attention.


And you’ll end up forgetting your drunken escapades the next day.

And of course your decision-making skills might not be up to scratch at this point.


But it’s not all bad! Drinking a little before bed has been shown to help you get to sleep faster , and increase deep sleep in the first half of the night.


Though it does mean you sleep more lightly and wake more frequently during the second half of the night.


And the next day? UGH HANGOVER.


When you drink, your body gets rid of more fluid than usual, hence the dehydration (and huge bathroom queues in clubs and at festivals).

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Hello, headaches.


If you pace your drinking, acetaldehyde is broken down pretty much straight away.

Leading to this.

First, make sure you stay hydrated.

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Best stick to vodka.

Your blood sugar may be low, so have a decent breakfast the morning after.

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Better still, eat something before you start drinking.

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Hair of the dog will alleviate your symptoms for a while, but all you’re really doing is putting off the inevitable.

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So if you still have a few too many every once in a while…


At least now you’ll know exactly why you feel like you do afterward.

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