Awesome Reaction .GIFs

Take a look at Awesome Reaction .GIFs. Funny reactions to some of life’s trickier situations.

When your boss walks in immediately after your coworkers have convinced you to do something stupid.

When you’re third-wheeling with your roommate and his girlfriend and they start fighting.

When you see your crush’s Facebook changed from “In a relationship” to “single”

When you stub your toe on the coffee table leg.

When you let out the loudest fart imaginable and look to see if anyone heard.


When your alarm goes off in the morning.

When you’re politely listening to an old man at the bus station while he speaks in detail about his hemorrhoids.

When your friend offered you basketball tickets on you and your wife’s anniversary.

When your mom brings up her first time masturbating.

While sitting in calculus class.

When you realize that the girl you’re talking to is into you.

When you think back on your teenage years.

When you’re the only sober one at the club.

When you’re trying to listen to the professor during your 8am lecture.

When the person behind you in the movies wont shut up.

When you see a really long Twizzler.

When you take a huge dump, then look in the toilet to see how big it was, and the toilet is empty.

When your friend asks you if you’re okay after you just threw up from alcohol.

When your 8am professor starts class with a joke.

When you’re out with your best friend and you see his ex with another guy.

When you’re not good at driving in the snow so you have to drive a bit slower, and theres a guy tailgating.

After you explained that you need a new cable to connect the motherboard and hard drive since the old one broke, the tech support agent you were chatting with asked if you were on the computer that needed the new cable.

You realize what type of sick porn you just watched.

Your girlfriends roommate walks in on you guy’s.

You see your friend on a date with your ex girlfriend.

You’re angry and your friend tries to cheer you up.

You find a new movie of your favorite porn actor.

They announced Matthew McConaughey won The Oscar for Best Actor.

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