10 Amazing Prom Outfits – Made of Duct Tape!

“If you can’t fix it, duct tape it!” Apparently the saying now applies for formalware!

“Stuck at Prom” is an annual event that gives out more than $250,000 in scholarship funding to students and schools since it started 14 years ago.

The catch? The event is a competition sponsored by Duck Brand duct tape, meaning that the students have to fashion themselves prom outfits made out of the said material.

A panel of judges select ten finalists based on 5 factors: Workmanship (20%), Originality (20%), Use of Color (20%), Accessories (20%), and Use of Duct Tape (20%).

While most kids their age would go to a designer boutique to pick out dresses and tuxes, the contestants’ destination of choice is the hardware store.

They spend hundreds of hours putting together the snazziest duct tape outfits that would put even Lady Gaga to shame.


Their effort and dedication is admirable.

300 hours!

And this couple’s outfits? 400 hours of labor went into their construction.

It’s a lot of work, but you’ve got to admit that the results are pretty spectacular.

These guys and gals deserve a round of applause!

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Source: Reddit

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