18 Ingenious Ads You Need to See!

It’s not every day you come across such amazing advertisements!

When they wanted to show that when you’re texting, your eyes aren’t on the road.

When they advertised allergy cures.

When they wanted to advertise the Van Gogh Museum’s cafe.


When British Airways created an advert that pointed out air traffic.


When they used park benches.



When they wanted to show off New Zealand’s weather.


When these showers appeared on a beach.


When they wanted to show off a gym.


When they showed how difficult life can be for disabled people.

When they wanted to show how comfy a car was.

When a South African charity put this in shopping baskets.


When BMW wanted to show why they don’t have front wheel drive cars.

When they wanted to show how coffee wakes you up.


When they came up with this to advertise Pornhub.

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And when a cobbler did this.


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