The Worlds 18 Worst Corporate Websites

We don’t think you’d trust your money with these companies after seeing their websites!

Arvanitakis, a water treatment services company in Greece, whose site features a centurion with a flaming sword.

Patimex, a Polish charcoal company whose mascot is a devil frying a sausage (and himself apparently).

R.Martin’s site (until it got all fancy last year).

The Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins .

The homepage for The Neighbors, the much anticipated sitcom from Tommy Wiseau, who made The Room .


Superior Web Solutions.

Car dealership, with its very unique URL.

Electrifying Times : scrolling GIFs, flashing words, plus extra points for a spinning @ sign., a horse-based business in Tennessee.

Juice company Penny Juice .

The official website for Space Jam, in all its 1996 glory.

As in, the actual Yale University .

Chillingly, this is what the Yale School of Art website used to look like, pre-2010., the official website of jazz musician Thelonious Monk.

Bobdul Johnson, Attorney at Law .

Whatever the hell is happening on this German man’s site .

The site that allowed this guy to write his own job description.

This brain-melting Norwegian e-commerce site .

Everything that appears on Sexyexecs, which brings together all the hot male execs in one place – including a desktop calendar.

This car rental site, which scores highly on the annoying music AND eye-strain counts.

And, which pretty much sums it up.

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