This Little Girl Goes on Adventures While She Naps

Thanks to her mother, Eriko Ohga, this baby doesn’t just sleep quietly – she goes on all sorts of magical adventures!

In Japan, a trend known as “nezo art” has emerged.

Nezo art literally translates as “sleep-posture art” and involves photographing napping babies in costumes.

Following this creative trend, Eriko puts together an imaginative scene made from bedsheets, pillows, stuffed animals, and anything that can be found around the house.


Eriko says, “I try to form a rough idea of the scene I want to create and prepare the area where my daughter would lay down before she falls asleep.”

Once her daughter has drifted off into slumberland, she stealthily repositions the snoozing infant and puts the finishing touches on the scene.

I’m also extra careful not to wake the baby up with the sound of the iPhone camera.”

It’s a lot of work, but the little girl will surely appreciate her mother’s efforts when she’s older.

For now, the rest of us can enjoy the wondrous adventurous the baby seems to be having in her sleep.

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Source: Instagram Blog

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